What is the difference between BotGaming and other gambling-startups, which goes on tokensale?

In contrast to the majority of projects we present already existing products. Today the total number of Pokerbot and Slotobot installs to all platforms exceeds the figure of 370.000 and our audience is more than 30.000 monthly active users. Moreover, Pokerbot was recognised as Top1 Telegram bot.

What is more important, we are the only team that develop gambling games for messengers.

The graphics capabilities of instant messengers are seriously limited. So, what is the advantage of gaming bots?

In fact, all you need to visualize the spins in the slotmachine or hands in poker is emoji. Also we use rendered images as alternative visualisation of the slotmachine spins. In addition, we plan to develop a web-version of games that will be opened in the embedded browser.

The key feature of the bots is the fact that user need not to install new app to start game. It makes lower an entry threshold for players and significantly increase media buying efficiency. We run our campaigns in Tier2 region and get installs for 0.03 USD per install for campaigns in Telegram channels and for 0.2-0.3 USD per install for campaigns in mobile advertising networks. It is much cheaper compare to iOS and Android app installs. For example, iOS app install costs 1-1,5 USD in Tier2 region.

Messengers now look like social networks 10 years ago. Users spend here most of their online time, but the audience of instant messengers is underestimated. This provide an opportunity to develop an affiliate program for channel owners in instant messengers. In addition, do not forget the capabilities of instant messengers for viral marketing.

Is it safe to work with the blockchain and messengers, because the keys could be stolen by third parties or messenger employees?

We use bots as a frontend only, all interaction with the blockchain occurs on the side of our secure server.

Do you have a gambling license?

We need not any licence now. Pokerbot and Slotobot will use the social gambling business model with monetization solely by in-app purchases before tokensale. Similarly, no one requires a gambling license from mobile games such as Clash of Clans or Clash of Kings, which also offer in-app purchases.

The need for a gambling license appears when bets are accepted in real money (whether in fiat money or cryptocurrency), and you can withdraw the rewards.

After tokensale has been completed we will apply for a Malta Gambling Authority license to accept real money bets in the entire European Union.

Is Etherium blockchain fast enough for gambling?

We use blockchain at the game session level only. This approach solves the issue with transactional fees and speed. We need to pay gas only twice - to open and close game session. Once the game session is open, all transactions like slotmachine spines or hand-drawing in poker are gas-free, and are applied with almost instant speed.

The next task is to make any in-game interaction provably fair and transparent. So, we will use Random Numbers Generator (RNG) with open code and reproducible results. It is mean that initialize a RNG with the same seed yields the same result.